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Configuration: System Values: Basic






In the configuration of the System Values: Basic section you can find the following entities:

  • CAT Tools

When vendors create their profiles in the Vendor Portal, they can declare what CAT Tools are at their disposal. To do so, a database of CAT Tools needs to be configured in the Home Portal. In the CAT Tools section you can add CAT Tools as well as edit those already existing in the database.


  • Countries

The Home Portal comes with a number of countries already in the database. You can edit the countries in the database and ad additional countries to ensure that operations at your company run as smooth as possible.


  • Departments

Departments can be used to complete contact persons' information. In the Departments section you can add and edit available departments.


  • Discounts & Surcharges

When preparing a payable, you might want to add a discount or surcharge for various reasons. In Dicounts & Surcharges section you can configure values of them as well as add new ones.


  • Fields of Study

Fields of study are used to complete vendors' profiles. They need to provide details about their education. In the Fields of Study section you can view end edit fields of study available in the Home Portal's database.


  • Hardware

Vendors, when editing their profiles, can add information about available for them hardware. In the Hardware section you can view and edit the hardware database.


  • Industries

The list of industry sectors can be helpful in completing information about your clients. In the Industries section you can add and edit available industry sectors.


  • Payment Methods

In the Payment Methods section you can view methods in which your company or vendors can be paid and also how your clients can pay for services.


  • Payment Plans

Payment Plans define how the payment for a given service is delivered. You can prepare payment plans in the Payment Plans section


  • Positions

To complete yours and your associates profiles in the Home Portal, you can select what position they hold within your company. The Positions section allows you to edit and add positions that belong to your company's structure.


  • Rejection Reasons

When an offer or quote is cancelled, you can provide what was the reason of rejection. In Rejection Reasons section you can prepare possible reasons why the offer or quote was canceled. The reasons defined in this section can be used in both Quote and Opportunity Modules.


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  • Services

In the Customer Portal your clients, when ordering a project select what service that project should involve. For your company, services reflect project workflows. In the Services section you can define those workflows.


  • Software

To complete their profiles, vendors can provide information about available for them software. You can prepare software database in the Home Portal, which will be available for vendors in their profile settings.


  • States & Provinces

States and provinces uploaded to the Home Portal's database can be used in various documents, for example in invoices. You can customize your database in State & Provinces section.


  • Tax Rates

Tax rates can be applied to payments and receivables. In Tax Rates section you can manage tax rates available in the system.


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