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Task CAT ReceivableThe Task CAT Receivable window is where you create the charge of a specific activity included in the task. To do so, you specify the activity type, the calculation unit and the rate, upload the analysis file to be used in the CAT grid and include any necessary discounts and/or surcharges.  

Receivable Type

The receivable type to be added to the task.

When you select the "Task Receivable" radio button, a new window appears. For a description of the window, click here: Task Receivable.

This field is only visible when you create a receivable.   

Activity Type

The activity type defined in the receivable.

Click the drop-down list and select an activity.

  To create an activity type, go to System > Configuration > System Values > Activity Types .

Calculation Unit

The unit used in determining how the charge of a specific activity will be calculated.

To create a calculation unit, go to System > Configuration > System Values > Calculation Units . 

Rate Value

The monetary value of an individual calculation unit.

Enter a value into the field.

The currency is the currency specified in the customer's price profile used in this quote/project. To change the currency, select the customer's price profile which includes the desired currency on the tab, Main Data - Quote / Main Data - Project.

Rate Origin

The source of the rate.

The message for this field is completely dependent on how the information for Rate Value was entered. For example, if the customer's price profile Example USD contained a rate for an activity of a language combination used in this project, "Example USD" would automatically be entered for Rate Origin. Similarly, if a user manually entered a different value for Rate Value, the message would automatically change to “Manually Filled-in”. 

The text in the message cannot be manually modified.

Discounts & Surcharges

Additional amounts to be deducted from or added to this receivable's amount.

To apply any discounts or surcharges to this receivable, click Modify. When you click on this button, a new window appears. For a description of this window, click here: Discounts / Surcharges Window - Customer.


Additional information concerning the receivable.

Enter the text into the field.

Total Value

The total charge for this receivable.

The total value is calculated by applying any discounts and/or surcharges to the overall amount of the calculation units and its rate. An example of a total value calculation is illustrated in the table below:

Calculation Unit: source word
Rate Value: $0.20
Total Quantity: 100
Discount: 20%
Match Percentage of RateQuantity (Source Word)Value
No match100%10$2.00

Initial Value: $8.15

Total Value: $6.52

The total value is automatically calculated by the system from the information you have entered into this window. A value cannot be entered manually.

CAT Receivable Grid

The CAT grid is where you provide either the percentages of the rate or the fixed rates for each translation by how well it resembles entries stored in the customer's CAT tool and the quantity of the matching calculation unit.

    • The fields in the left column display the value of either the percentage of the rate or the fixed rate for each match.
    • The fields in the right column display the quantity of the calculation unit for each match.  
    • To charge a percentage of the rate for each translation by how well it resembles an entry in the customer's CAT tool, select Use ratio [%].
    • To charge a fixed for each translation by how well it resembles an entry in the customer's CAT tool, select Use fixed rates.  

 If a CAT grid is defined in the customer's price profile, then the values appear automatically in the left column.

Click to have the rates from the customer's price profile be entered into the CAT grid.
Upload Analysis File

Click to upload an analysis file and have the values automatically collected from the file and entered into the fields for quantity. Select the file from your computer.

To view the details of the upload file, select Show CAT Analysis Details . A window with the file's information appears

SaveClick to add a receivable to the task.
CancelClick to terminate the creation of the receivable.
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