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The display tab of a task is composed of multiple tabs where you can perform such actions as entering a task's main data and instructions and reviewing the task's financial information, invoice and the messages and CRM-related actions associated with it.

The Tabs of the Task's Display

Main Data - Task - Project

The Main Data tab contains the essential details of the task, including the task's name, unique ID number, client and contact person.

Workflow Graph - Task - Project

The Workflow Graph tab illustrates the procedure in which the selected task will be executed. Here you can modify and create jobs to be performed for this task. You can upload files which are to be used by the vendors and download the ready files, as well.

External Systems - Task - Project

The External System tab shows if any external system integrated with XTRF is involved in the task. You can also add or edit an external system settings.

Instructions - Task - Project

In the Instructions tab, you can can review instructions about the overall project and include new necessary instructions about the given task. Certain information is only visible to specific users: the field that you enter the instructions into determines which user can see what message.

Receivables - Task - Project

The Receivables tab is where you add the individual charges to the client for each of the task's jobs and if necessary, include or remove any discounts and/or surcharges. Also, here you can override the minimum charge defined in the client's price profile and use the task's lower total value instead.

Availability Requests - Task - Project

The Availability Requests tab is where you have notifications sent to vendors in order to identify which vendors are available for and interested in the task's jobs.  You also decide here how the vendors will be assigned to the their jobs:

Jobs - Task - Project

The Jobs tab is where you create new and manage existing jobs for a task. In this tab you can review the job's main specifics, such as the job type, its assigned vendor and the total agreed for each job. You can also access the profile of a job by simply clicking either its information listed in the table or Btn_Edit_2014.png.

Documents - Task - Project

In the Documents tab, you can review the purchase orders of the jobs included in this task and the task's confirmation and select these documents' recipients. Another feature of this tab is the option to send the task confirmation to a selected user at your company to review before submitting it to the client. The tab allows you to send necessary documents to your client, project managers and all vendors involved in the project.

Finance - Task - Project

The Finance tab is composed of two sub-tabs where you can select the task's payment terms, set the dates when the task's invoice will be created and review the ready invoice, the task's payment status and the exchange rate between the base system currency and the currency used in the client's price profile for this task. 

CRM - Task - Project

In the CRM tab, you can view all client related activities assigned to this task. Here you can also create new activities.

Messages - Task - Project

When a user has entered his/her mailbox in Configuration, XTRF can keep a record in the Messages tab of all the work-related emails he/she has received associated with the task.


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