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Invoicing Provider MenuYou can manage your financial affairs with your providers directly from XTRF. In this module you can perform such actions as create and issue job specifications to your providers, review existing ones and record your payments made to providers.

The Areas of Vendor Invoicing

Smart Views - Vendor Invoices

In the Vendor Invoices Smart View you can add and manage invoices for your vendors. Moreover, you can also remove any unnecessary invoices.

Browse Vendor Invoices

On the Invoices Browse, you can look through all the vendor job specifications and invoices in the system. The Invoices Browse consists of 7 tabs: Postponed, To be Sent, Sent, Confirmed, Invoice Created, Outstanding Invoices and All.

Create Invoices - Vendor

The Vendor Invoices Create contains all the invoiceable activities for which you did not make invoices. After finding the desired activity in the table, you create an invoice for it. It is also possible to create invoices for items unrelated to activities (i.e. non-project related work) on this page.

Payments & Charges - Provider

Payments & Charges consists of 2 tabs. On the Payments tab you can review all the payments you have made to your providers, record new payments and allocate a payment amongst a provider's unpaid invoices. On the Charges tab you can review all the provider charges as well as record a single payment for a provider invoice.  


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