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This sub-tab of Vendor - Advanced Configuration tab l ocated in the Advanced Configuration is used to configure the default language, invoice type and price profile for your new providers.

Default Language

In this field you decide which interface language of the Partner Zone will be set as default for the newly created providers. You can use the drop-down menu to select between System Default language of XTRF™ or any specific one.

Default Invoice Data Type

In this field you can specify your newly created provider as a company or individual, local or foreign. Use the drop-down menu to make your choice.

Default Currency

In this field you decide for which currency a default price profile for the new providers will be created. The currency's name will be also used in the default price profile's name. You can use the drop-down menu to select between Base System Currency or any specific one.

Use as Default in CAT Payables

Here you can decide what CAT Grid will be used in the CAT payable before the provider is selected. If the box is ticked, the default CAT grid from below will be used. If the box is not ticked, the CAT grid will be taken from Customer's receivables.

CAT GridHere you can set the default CAT Grid that will be used in provider's price profile and also will be automatically suggested in project preparation. Provide the values in the fields as appropriate.
Click Save to save your changes or cancel to resign from them.