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The Vendor Invoice Display is composed of multiple tabs where you can perform such actions as entering an invoice's main data, recording a payment for the individual invoice and reviewing the invoice's financial information, the messages and CRM-related actions associated with it.  

The Tabs of the Vendor Invoice Display

Main - Vendor Invoice

The Main tab of the Vendor Invoice Display is where you enter the primary information of the invoice. Here you also decide which activities you want to include in this invoice and how they will appear in the actual invoice document. When the invoice and the invoice document are ready, you send the invoice to the vendor for verification before you pay it.

Payments - Vendor Invoice

This tab contains the invoice's payment details and history. Here you can view the invoice's payment requirements such as the date by which you expect to make the full payment and the remaining amount which you must pay the vendor. This tab is also where you check and enter your payments for this invoice.  

Finance - Vendor Invoice

In the Finance tab, you can review the exchange rate between the base system currency and the currency used in the vendor's invoice. If you have changed the exchange rate in Configuration , you can mark the date here, as well.

Notes - Vendor Invoice

On the Notes tab, you can enter additional reference notes about the selected invoice.  


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