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XTM Configuration

No changes are required.

XTRF Configuration

  1. Expand the Integration section and click External Systems.
  2. On the External Systems screen click Add to create a new entry.
  3. Set the Type of the system to XTM using the drop-down menu.
  4. Set the name of the system and click the Save button to be re-directed to next step of configuration.
  5. Provide the Webservice URL under which XTM is available.
  6. Provide the User ID and Password.
  7. You can access XTM configuration directly by clicking Open in Pop-up in External Configuration section.
  8. By ticking the checkbox labeled Treat Fuzzy Repeats as No Matches you can influence the way CAT receivables and payables are created.
  9. You can specify the way the project names in XTM will be generated by entering the Project Name Expression. The default expression is:
    ${this.name} (${this.idNumber.replaceAll('/', '-')})
    which includes the XTRF task name and the XTRF task ID (with slashes replaced by hyphens, since XTM doesn't allow for slashes in project names), e.g.:
    Translation of documents (2014-123)
    (warning) This parameter is available from XTRF version 2015 Winter (3.5).
  10. Click the Save button. Now the connection between XTM and XTRF is established.

Workflow Configuration

To automate the integration you should establish special workflows which will manage the communication between XTRF and XTM. You can create as many workflows as you wish. To do that, go to Settings, expand the Workflows section, click Workflow Definitions and click Add to create a workflow.

Workflow Graph Tab

Here you can configure the steps that will be included in the workflow. The workflow should contain the jobs listed below, in this order:

  1. External Project Preparation (set the Default Provider as Automated Activity Action: External Project Preparation ).
  2. The proper jobs you wish to be performed in this workflow, e.g. Translation, Proofreading, etc.
  3. External Project Finalisation (set the Default Provider as Automated Activity Action: External Project Finalisation ).


For information on the possibilities of more advanced workflow configuration with the use of the Prepare Packages action, see: Prepare Packages Action in memoQ, Memsource and XTM Integrations.

To add new step click the plus icon.

External Systems Tab

  1. In the External System field select your XTM.
  2. You can choose if an XTM project template should be attached to this workflow. For more information on project templates see the relevant section in XTM Integration.
  3. The project creation step in a workflow will automatically create a CAT receivable. However, it is also possible to create a CAT receivable using an external system manually. If you don't want your workflow to start automatically after receivable creation, untick the checkbox labeled Start Workflow after Completing CAT Receivable Using External System.
Job Mapping

To ensure correct integration and information exchange you need to match the job in XTRF with corresponding workflow step in external system. Select from the list what kind of action should be performed by XTM.
There are four workflow step types available in XTM: translate, correct, review and LQA. Each of them can have "fully blocking" or "partially blocking" parameter. Therefore in XTRF the four job types are listed three times - for each parameter and no parameters.
"Fully blocking" means that all parts of a file need to be finished to continue to the next workflow step.
"Partially blocking" means that at least one part of a file needs to be finished to continue to the next workflow step.
The order of the workflow steps is unrestricted.

For more information on XTM workflow step types please refer to XTM documentation.

Advanced Settings
  1. Select whether a CAT Receivable should be created during project creation.

  2. Select whether CAT Payables for each job should be created during project creation.

  3. If a package preparation job is included in your workflow, in the File Type for Package Preparation field you can select what type of bilingual file should be created by this job.

Bundles Tab

Create as many bundles as you require here.

Assignment of bundles to particular jobs can be configured in the Workflow Graph tab.

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