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XTRF Language Business Platform Release Notes

Version 4.0


New Configurable Smart Views


Displaying the data conveniently shows to be of great value in practice. It makes your work smoother and faster; without doubt. The new views introduced to the Home Portal's modules bring your data to the next level. Easy-to-read display with configurable options is an answer whenever you perform a search and present the data. The new views are available in the following modules:

  • Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Projects
  • Clients
  • Vendors
  • Invoicing
  • Reports

These views allow you to configure search filters and columns in a view, as well as share them with your associates.


New Smart Views in Job Assignments


Like our new views? We have gone further with that. When a vendor has agreed to undertake a given activity, the activity assignment is based on a vendor's price profile. It contains pieces of financial information, for example a price list or currency, but it also determines competencies and specializations. Within a new view feature you can assign a vendor to a given job in the blink of an eye - just double-click on the vendor's price profile. To be even more productive, the vendor's price profile pop-up window adjusts dynamically to your browser window. The new view of vendor's price profile is available for the modules with the configurable smart views.

Within the new views introduced to the job assignment process you can do as follows: 

  • Customize a view of displayed list with vendor's price profiles.
  • Configure a search query to get a list of vendor's price profiles ready-to-use.
  • Share your view with other users in the Home Portal.
  • Double-click a vendor price profile to assign a vendor to a given job.
  • Enable to recalculate rates automatically.

Take a look at the new view of job assignment:


Managing Recipient Lists in E-mail Templates

  In XTRF Platform e-mail templates are redesigned in terms of managing all kinds of contact fields. The recipient list is fully configurable to make your e-mail communication reliable and under control. The e-mail template configuration functionality is enhanced with the look of e-mail replies that the sender has clear view and can define to whom the message is addressed and who receives a copy of it. In addition, the repetition of e-mail addresses is turned off to make the communication with vendors fully successful and less annoying. Besides that, the e-mail template preview mode is adjusted that you can use it in the most convenient way. Try it out!

Selecting Your Export Data to QuickBooks


Taking care of your financial matters in a flexible way is our goal. The ability to limit QuickBooks connectivity for only related content has been added. Within the Branches setting available, you may export the content only for partners added to a defined group. This allows to synchronize your data across applications in a selective manner. The Branches settings can be set up in case of the QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online integration. 


QuickBooks Integration

  QuickBooks enables you to store information in a hierarchical model: you can find there item and sub-item components. XTRF Language Business Platform supports this hierarchical structure within the item length restriction implemented. The item : sub-item expression is applied to reflects the structure of the data in both applications, XTRF Platform and QuickBooks desktop edition.

QuickBooks Online International Integration


Do you make any international payments? Integration of QuickBooks Online international edition is now fully supported. You can convert your client and vendor financial data as well as processing your invoices in a currency you require. Simply and clear-cut integration solution.


Client Matching for Memsource and memoQ Integration

  When XTRF Platform is integrated with the Memsource or memoQ CAT tool, automatic matching client's entries is provided to make your work environment consistent as much as possible. Matching algorithm is based not only on individual client ID, but also on client name or client e-mail address to map individual user accounts on a one-to-one basis. This approach guarantees consistency-driven optimization while creating a quote or project in XTRF Platform.

Importing Rates for Many Partners at Once


Rates are the basic information in XTRF Platform informing about costs for a specific service. It determines your vendor's and client's price profiles and, therefore, the financial aspects of your translation project. The new straightforward way of importing your data to XTRF Platform has been introduced including additional functionality of rates import. The advantage of doing it is taking an opportunity to import rates for multiple partners at once. In the quick four-step procedure you can get all your data in effortlessly. Having settings configurable in the Home Portal interface reduces import complexity and empower data assets.


Performance Improvements

  As a result of optimizing database performance you can notice a reduction of the response time for each query whenever you display your data in XTRF Platform. The logical database schema has been changed to obtain an overall performance improvement each time you load all kinds of system values. Making database queries faster ensures your work more comfortable. 

Inviting Vendors to the Vendor Portal within One Click

  Weary of clicking to set up vendor accounts? Not any more! And within the new smart views functionality it becomes incredibly easy. It is just enough that in the Home Portal the Project Manager selects vendors who are supposed to sign up in the Vendor Portal and clicks the invite button. Already done? Great. Nothing more to do then.

Home Portal Interface Enhanced

  We understand that your work environment is the interface. To improve operational efficiencies the Home Portal interface of XTRF Platform has been refreshed within a new style. It still has the familiar look & feel, however all information is laid out in an even more intuitive and consistent fashion. Just a breath of fresh air.

Home Portal API

  • Token Based Authentication: To make your authentication with XTRF Language Business Platform secure an incoming request is associated within a set of identifying credentials using token. This mechanism is desirable taking into account the following advantages:
    • A user can authenticate without a username and password.
    • Gives you control of user access to the application because the validity of a token might be easily set up as expired.
    • Prevents your system from vulnerability attacks.
    • A user can still gain access to the application even when a token is invalid.

  • Creating New Task in Project: A new method is added to enable you to create a new task in the existing project. The method is applicable regardless of the project status: opened or closed. While creating a new task in the project you can select a new workflow and deadline within a request.


Upload Files with Personal Profile Data while Registering to the Vendor Portal


Do you need to have more insight to the personal skills of the vendors? Would you like to find out about their professional experience,  technical or communication skills? XTRF Platform gives you an opportunity to ask your vendors to add their resume files while registering to the Vendor Portal. Within the drag-and-drop option they can upload the files containing information how their career paths look like. This option is fully configurable in the Home Portal, therefore the Vendor Manager can decide whether to set it up in the Vendor Portal's registration procedure.


Adding Associate Accounts


Inviting associates to the Vendor Portal and maintaining their accounts ensure to boost the vendors team productivity by keeping a common work area with a superior insight into jobs which are being performed. This unifies the vendor experience, empowering users to view and manage their interaction with each other.

When the Project Mangers of Language Service Provider (LSP) gain access to the Vendor Portal, they may want to invite their coworkers to create the accounts there. In the Vendor Portal they can decide on the permissions their associates can obtain. This allows the coworkers to perform the following actions:

  • Get to the visibility of offers available for the Language Service Provider employees.
  • See and start performing jobs they are assigned to.
  • Manage personal settings of the Vendor Portal account.

To invite the coworker, the LSP Project Manager only needs to click the button, therefore the coworker receives an e-mail with a link to an account form in the Vendor Portal.


Disclaimer Statement Added to Sign-in Page


If you intend to inform users of mutually agreed terms of accessing the Customer Portal, you can display a disclaimer statement. By default, in the Home Portal of XTRF Platform you can find a ready-to-use disclaimer statement which can be therefore applicable on the Sign-in Page.  The disclaimer statement can be localized and displayed adequately when signing in to the Customer Portal.


Supported Browsers

The Microsoft Edge browser is supported with XTRF Language Business Platform. 

Upgrade Your XTRF Platform


If you want to upgrade your XTRF Language Business Platform to the 4.0 version, please contact the XTRF Support Team.

Please bear in mind that XTRF Language Business Platform version 4.0 requires PostgreSQL database version 9.4.0 or higher. For more information on XTRF Platform's requirements, go to the Server Requirements article.


Discontinued Functionality


Home Portal API: Authenticating User with Username and Password

Since 4.0 version it is recommended to authenticate a user using the Home Portal API with token based authentication. Therefore, the authentication for your application using a username and password becomes inadvisable. Token based authentication is definitely more secure because the information is not stored on the server or in a session. However, please bear in mind that a user can still sign in to the Home Portal with your login and password as before. 

Documentation Release Notes

The following documentation is delivered within the 4.0 version: 

New Smart Views


Token Authentication


Supported Browsers


Support of XTRF Platform version 4.0 expired on June 15, 2017.