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Find information on the latest versions of XTRF Translation Management System at https://bit.ly/XTRF7

History of previous releases

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Supported Versions of XTRF Translation Management System

Please keep in mind that the following listed major releases of XTRF Translation Management System are supported. It means that the XTRF Support Team accepts error reports, configuration requests, template modifications requests or other tickets only for the supported versions. To get the XTRF's support, you need to upgrade your system. You can get a newer version of XTRF Platform if only you have a valid Support Package, after requesting an upgrade from the XTRF Support Team. If you do not have one, you can purchase it by consulting your Sales representative. Note that the Pay Per Use and Software as a Service users always have the right to receive an upgrade to the newest version.

XTRF 6 expired on August 31, 2018. Make sure your system is updated to a newer version!

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