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Target audience: XTRF Platform's users










This article contains a list of compatible versions of XTRF and memoQ.


XTRF version vs memoQ version – compatibility matrix

Below find a list of memoQ versions and corresponding XTRF versions which are integrated:

memoQ label in XTRFmemoQ versions supportedXTRF versions supporting the integration
memoQ 2013 / 2014memoQ 2014 (7.0)up to v6.0
memoQ 2013 / 2014memoQ 2014 R2 (7.5.5 or newer)*up to v6.0
memoQ memoQ 2015 (7.8)up to v8.0
memoQmemoQ 8.27.0+
memoQmemoQ 8.78.3+

memoQ supports only the newest memoQ versions.


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