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Target audience: XTRF Platform's users

This article describes the process of memoQ software installation and configuration for the purposes of setting up XTRF Platform - memoQ integration.


Go to the Kilgray's website: https://www.memoq.com/translation-products/get-memoq/downloads

Download and install the software in the following order:

  • memoQ (Client)
  • memoQ Server

After installation, make sure the system tray shows memoQ Server Service Manager icon.

Right-click it and the status should say "Running".

Start memoQ client.

Click on Manage a memoQ server link on the Frequent tasks list or go to main menu's Tools and select Server Administrator. In memoQ 2014 R2 just click the Server Administrator button on the ribbon.

Select your server in the Server Administrator window and log in as "admin".

Open Web Service interface and make sure that the Enable the WS API checkbox is ticked and that Base address is accessible from a public address and from the XTRF machine (it should NOT stay as this:  http://localhost:8080/ ).

If the field is not editable, open the Deployment Tool (%programfiles%\Kilgray\MemoQ Server Deployment\MemoQ.DeploymentTool.exe), click Advanded / Configure server, open the Web Service API tab and change Base address there.

For these settings to take effect, memoQ server needs to be restarted.

The connection can be checked by opening this link:  http://yourAddressHere:8080/memoqservices/tm?WSDL

If memoQ is freshly installed with no users added, go to  User management category and add a user that belongs to "Project managers" group.




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