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XTRF offers integration with XTM, a popular web-based CAT tool developed by XTM International.

Read Before You Start

  1. XTRF Vendors are matched to XTM Users (Linguists) by name.
    1. When user of given name does not exist in XTM, it is created at workflow start.
    2. Once vendor is found (or just created), in order to be automatically assigned to step in XTM, a couple of things must match:
      1. Name of vendor's workflow step in XTRF must match workflow step name defined in XTM.
        • We strongly advise for the use of the default system names for steps in XTM.
        • Note that automatic assignment for custom step names will only happen if a step was already manually assigned to a vendor in XTM.
      2. XTM user must be assigned a proper role (Linguist) and must be configured as assignable for the step.
      3. Language combination needed for given task must be assigned to XTM user.
    3. Problems will occur when user existed in XTM but was assignable for a different task.
    4. As XTRF adds users with language combinations needed for given task only, when new task has a different language combination, an existing user will not match it and, as a consequence, will not be assigned automatically. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add new language combinations (or roles) to existing users on-the-fly via the API--it can be done however in XTM's interface.
  2. All vendors need to be assigned for steps in XTRF before the integrated workflow is started.
  3. Work files for translation must either not be zipped, or if  zipped, the checkbox for unzipping on the XTRF side has to be checked.

Quote Creation

With XTRF, you can start managing an XTM project while the work is just being agreed upon in a quote. The integration works in the following way:


  1. XTM assigns the ID to the project, which is then transferred to XTRF as project name.
  2. XTRF notifies the providers vendors via email about the availability of the files on the XTM server.
  3. The providers vendors work on their files in XTM, and once they have finished, they upload their files back to the XTM server. 
  4. The translated files are uploaded to XTRF by XTM.
  5. The project is finished once the translated files are delivered to the customer.