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  1. Access to the server where the Trados Studio you would like to link XTRF to is installed. We can connect via teamviewer or RDP - let us know which would be more convenient.
  2. The agent uses port 8081 by default, so it's mandatory to open this port on any firewalls etc. The server where SDL Trados is installed must also accept incoming connections from the server where XTRF is installed.
  3. To install the Agent, we will need an account with admin-level rights. Trados Studio must be already installed, and a standalone desktop (not floating) licence must be provided by your team.Additionally, since Trados Studio uses MS Office API to recognize some file types (mostly native MS Office formats), we recommend that you install MS Office on the Trados server.
  4. The integration creates default folders for Trados projects and resources. Typically these are located in C:\Projects and C:\Resources
    Mapped network drives are supported in some cases (may depend on a particular setup) but not recommended. Dropbox and other cloud locations are not supported.
  5. It is recommended to have at least one dedicated license to the integration and a separate one to work with, this will prevent you from performance issues.