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Virtual Columns display


If you need any non-standard column in any area of the Home Portal, you can add it in the Virtual Columns subsection of the configuration accordion menu. The virtual columns can take every possible form and can be added in various areas of the Home Portal.

Configuration accordion menu

In the Configuration accordion menu you can find Virtual Columns section in which you can view and edit virtual columns currently available in the Home Portal as well as add new virtual columns.
Search fieldAs soon as you start typing a search query, XTRF Platform returns the list of search results. It is an easy and convenient way of finding the required section in the Configuration accordion menu.
Virtual Columns section

In the  Configuration  accordion menu go to the Customization  section, Virtual Columns subsection to get displayed the list of all virtual columns currently available in the Home Portal of XTRF Platform.


Search Filter panel

You can limit your search results for desired entity within the Search Filter settings.
Excerpt Include
Include - Search Filter
Include - Search Filter

Virtual Columns list

In the Virtual Columns list you can see all virtual columns currently available in the Home Portal.

The default view provides you with following information:

  • Name: The name of the virtual column.
  • Class Name: The area to which the virtual column is assigned.
  • Role Name:   A short description of the virtual column's functionality.
  • Expression: The code of the virtual column.


Add button 
Page navigator

You can navigate comfortably through the pages of the Virtual Columns list.

  • To advance to a desired page, click the available page number.
  • To go to the first page, click the  icon.
  • To go to the previous page, click the  icon.
  • To go to the next page, click the  icon.
  • To go to the last page, click the  icon.
Export button

Click to format the data from the Virtual Columns list. You can export data to a file, therefore you can use it in another application. When you click the button, the Export Data pop-up window appears.

UI Expand
titleExport Data Pop-up Window

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Export Data Pop-up window
Export Data Pop-up window

Refresh button Click to update the entities in the Virtual Columns list.
View: ViewName menuClick the menu to decide what and how information is displayed in the Virtual Columns list. You can use the default view or you can adjust the view to your needs.

Click this icon to manage multiple Virtual Columns at the same time.


Excerpt Include
Include - Actions Panel
Include - Actions Panel
sorting  You can click one of the icons to sort records in columns. Click the proper icon to set an ascending or descending sort order in a column.
iconClick the icon in the proper row to modify the details of the existing Virtual Column.

Click the icon in the proper row to delete the Virtual Column. The confirmation pop-up window appears:

  • Click the OK button to delete the Virtual Column from XTRF Platform.
  • Click the Cancel button to abandon the delete action.





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