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  1. Make sure that your server meets the requirements listed in the following article: https://knowledgebase.xtrf.eu/x/1oOEB
  2. Download the jboss-xtrf-full-9.x.y.zip file from https://repo.xtrf.eu/soft/releases/9/
  3. Stop the XTRF service from services.msc
  4. Database backup is recommended. Please follow the instruction in the link: https://knowledgebase.xtrf.eu/x/CISEB
  5. Rename the C:\jboss-xtrf\ folder to C:\jboss-xtrf_OLD_yyyy-mm-dd
  6. Extract the downloaded archive to C:\jboss-xtrf\ so you have C:\jboss-xtrf\bin subdirectory. Please make sure that the new JBoss folder is located exactly as the one you had before.
  7. Copy the following file (xtrfDatabaseConfig.xml) from the old JBoss directory (C:\jboss-xtrf_OLD_yyyy-mm-dd\standalone\configuration) to the new, unzipped jboss-xtrf folder (C:\jboss-xtrf\standalone\configuration)
  8. Adjust the local configuration C:\jboss-xtrf\bin\standalone.local.bat if necessary, based on the previous version
  9. Copy all custom applications (*.war) from old standalone/custom-deployments/ to a new JBoss directory.
  10. Start XTRF service through services.msc