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Whenever you create an invoice for a task, the task's receivable becomes locked and cannot be modified. However, there are instances where a task's receivable contains an error and you need to correct it. The following steps describe how you can edit the receivable of a task for which you have already created an invoice.  
  1. Go to InvoicingCustomerBrowse Invoices. For this example, the invoice to be modified is a final invoice.
  2. Locate the desired invoice in the table and click Edit Icon.
  3. For Invoice Status, Click Transition Backto change the status to Not Ready.
  4. Now the Tasks table at the bottom of the page should be unlocked. Locate the task which has the receivable that you want to change.  
    Tasks Table

  5. Click Delete Icon of the desired task in order to remove it from the invoice. A confirmation window appears. Confirm your decision. 
  6. Select the Items subtab. 
    Items Table 
  7. Click Delete Iconof the item which contains the task you want to modify.  A confirmation window appears. Confirm your decision. 
  8. Click Save.
  9. Go to ProjectBrowse Tasks.
  10. Locate the desired task in the table and click Edit Icon.
  11. Select the Receivables tab. 
  12. Now the receivable is unlocked. Click  of the desired receivable and make any necessary modifications. 
    Receivables Tab 
  13. Click Save.
  14. Go to Go to Invoicing > Customer > Browse Invoices.
  15. Locate the desired invoice again and click Edit Icon.
  16. Click Add New in the Tasks table. A new window with a Browse appears. 
  17. Locate and select the modified task in the table. 
  18. Click Add Selected. Now the modified task is included in the original invoice.