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The Vendor Portal is a simple yet powerful tool to help improve cooperation with your vendors. It simplifies managing and delivering jobs, managing job offers, submitting invoices and other common tasks. Since XTRF 2014 Autumn the Vendor Portal has been the main tool for your vendors, taking over all functions of the deprecated Partner Zone. Below you can find instructions on how your company can start using the Portal in your daily work. 

The Portal is available at the following link: https://yourXTRFaddress/vendors. For version XTRF 2014 Autumn the Portal is available concurrently with the Partner Zone. Starting from XTRF 2015 Winter, the Partner Zone is no longer be available. We recommend that you plan the migration to the Vendor Portal.

To migrate your operations to the Vendor Portal, you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. Update selected email notifications (primarily job- and offer-related).
  2. Notify existing vendors about the change and allow them to migrate existing accounts.

Updating notification emails with links to Job Manager

The Vendor Portal's most used feature, the Job Manager, allows the vendors to easily accept job offers, download source files and submit target files. Since it does not require logging in, or migrating the existing Partner Zone account, it is an easy first step to introduce your vendors to the Vendor Portal. To make use of it, simply add a relevant link to the job or offer notification email. The email templates can be modified in Configuration > Templates > Notifications > Templates. The following emails need to be updated:

  1. E-mail/SMS to Provider: When job is started
  2. E-mail/SMS to Provider: When job is started with previous job partially finished
  3. E-mail/SMS to Provider: When an availability request for one job is sent to provider
  4. E-mail/SMS to Provider: When an availability request for multiple jobs is sent to provider

You can quickly download the newest version of the email from our repository using the Multiple Change option. Make sure that you restore the content for all language versions that are active. On the list of all templates select (with the tickbox) the ones you want to update. Click the Multiple action button and select Multiple change.

On the screenshot you can see an example where Default (English), French and German versions are being restored.

If your email templates contain custom text that you would like to keep, you can also manually edit the email templates and add the Velocity variable ${jobManagerUrl} (for templates 1 and 2 on the list above) or ${jobOfferManagerUrl} (for templates 3 and 4 on the list above).

You can find a step by step instruction how to do it in the Can I Update My Email Template with Links to the Vendor Portal? article.




Migrating existing vendor accounts

Once the Job Manager has been introduced, your vendors can start using other portal features, like invoicing and data management. The specifics, including the migration process are listed in the Vendor Portal Help Center. Migrating to the portal does not require any process changes on the side of your organization - it merely provides a tool to simplify the processes on the vendors' side.

To notify your vendors about the Vendor Portal, send them a Welcome Email from the Home Portal. Use the Welcome Email also when they have lost or forgot their current login or password.

You can review and edit the text of the email in Configuration > Templates > Notifications >  Templates. The email in question:

  • E-mail/SMS to Provider's Contact Person: When provider's contact person is welcomed to the system

Please find the suggested content of these two emails here: I Want to Send Information Emails about the Vendor Portal.


We hope that the Vendor Portal proves an invaluable tool for you and your partners in their daily operations. If you have questions, our Customer Support Specialists are happy to assist you.

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