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Yes, of course. The Default notification templates are updated automatically, there is no action needed there. If you are using a custom made templates you need to modify the links inside the templates.

There are two ways to update those templates:

  • Restore the email template to its default settings.
  • Edit the email template content and update links manually.

Here you will find informations on: Restoring Default Content of a Notification Template

To edit a template content manually you need to:

  1. Go to Configuration > Templates > Notifications.
  2. Switch to the Templates tab. Use the filter to display vendor related templates only.
  3. On the list locate the template you want to update and click the pencil icon to edit the template.

    Before you start changing the content of the template create a backup copy. Use the Source button to view the source code, copy the content to a file (i.e. notepad) and save it on your computer.

  4. In the template content locate the link you want to update. Right click on the link and select Edit Link. In the pop up window replace the URL with new one and click OK. In the example below the new link is the general link to your Vendor Portal: ${providerPortalURL.

Click Save to save changes in notification template.

From now this template will direct your vendor to the Vendor Portal.