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Contact Person's ProviderThe Social Media tab contains a contact person's other means of communication, such as instant messenger accounts and social network profiles. You can also add a photo of a contact person for reference.
Social Media

The contact person's instant messenger accounts and/or social networks, added in order to further improve your overall contact with that contact person.

To add an account, click Add Social Medium. A new window appears. For a description of the window, click here: Create - Social Media Contact Window.

    • To edit an account, click Edit Icon . A new window appears. For a description of the window, click here: Edit - Social Media Contact Window
    • To delete an account, click Delete Icon. A confirmation window appears. Confirm your decision.
    • To mark a social medium as favoured by the contact person, select the account's radio button in the Preferred column. Now, if you customize the Contacts Browse to include the Preferred Social Media Contact, the selected favoured social medium appears in the table for this contact person.

A photo of your contact person.

    • To upload a photo, click Upload Image File and select the image.
    • To permanently remove an existing photo from this contact person's Display, click Delete Photo.
EditClick to modify the tab.
SaveClick to apply any modifications.
CancelClick to terminate the modification process.