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Provider Payment ChargesPayments & Charges consists of 2 tabs. On the Payments tab you can review all the payments you have made to your providers, record new payments and allocate a payment amongst a provider's unpaid invoices. On the Charges tab you can review all the provider charges as well as record a single payment for a provider invoice.  

The Payment and Charges Tabs

Payments - Invoices - Provider

Instead of manually entering the payment details for every unpaid invoice for a given provider, you can simply enter one single amount in this tab and then allocate the money amongst the provider's unpaid invoices.The system records each individual payment and the amount which was not assigned to any of the provider's invoices.

Charges - Invoices - Provider

The Charges tab is composed of 4 subtabs, categorised by the status of the provider charge. From these tabs you can review the selected charges as well as record a payment for a single invoice.


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