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Target audience: XTRF Platform's users




The only requirement to use XTRF Language Business Platform as the application for your translation process is to have an installed and running Internet browser.

It is strongly recommended to use the latest stable and tested version of the Internet browser, so all XTRF Platform's features can work correctly.







This article describes the Internet Browsers required to use the XTRF Language Business Platform

Internet Browsers

With XTRF Language Business Platform the following browsers are supported:

BrowserVersionsLink to the Browser Page
Google Chrome50.0 and higherhttps://www.google.com/chrome/
Mozilla Firefox52.0 and higherhttps://www.mozilla.org/firefox/new/
Opera (Chromium based)34.0 and higherhttps://www.opera.com/
Microsoft Edge (Chromium based)80.0 and higherhttps://www.microsoft.com/edge