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This page has been deprecated. Go to the new and extended page: Import Guide 

XTRF Platform allows for quickly importing of large amounts of data to your database. The Import function is available for Clients, Client Contact Persons, Client Rates, Client Price List Rates, Vendors, Vendor Contact Persons, Vendor Rates, Vendor Price List Rates and CRM activities. 

Follow this Google Drive link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Sd7fJ36RHOltQ6FdcUNzAH-rnpPdU9hJuCxQ8SY08bg to access a spreadsheet file that contains various tabs for various data types you may want to import.

The LEGEND tab is the first one and provides for general remarks and more detailed explanation.

Expect the following tabs (Complete mean all fields possible to import are present, whereas Simplified is a selection of basic fields):

  • Clients Complete
  • Clients Simplified
  • Client Price Lists
  • Client Rates Complete
  • Client Rates Simplified
  • Vendors Complete
  • Vendors Simplified
  • Vendor Price Lists
  • Vendor Rates Complete
  • Vendor Rates Simplified
  • Contacts Complete
  • Contacts Simplified
  • CRM

As none of the sheets is editable, export the ones you need by going to File > Download as... > Tab-separated values (.tsv, current sheet) - see picture below.