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License Agreement

This article presents the features available in the Ultimate plan of XTRF Translation Management System. Please keep in mind that your access to the described options might be limited due to your license agreement. If you would like to change your plan of XTRF Translation Management System and gain access to the additional features, contact your XTRF Customer Success Manager.

Target audience: Administrators





Work Log functionality allows you and other Home Portal users for recording the time spent on various activities. XTRF Platform comes with a set of default activities and settings. Some of the procedures performed in your company may not be covered by the default set. This guide will show you how to prepare a custom Home Portal activity, how to configure general work log settings, and how to grant users access to various activities.


Before Reading a Guide

  • The steps without any marking are mandatory to perform because they ensure carrying on a proper function of the Home Portal.
  • The steps marked with the (Optional) label give you information about settings useful for you in terms of fulfilling specific requirements for your projects, but if you skip them it will have no negative effect on the function of the Home Portal.



System Values: Advanced

Work Log Activity

In the System Values: Advanced tab you can find the list of Work Log Activities. The provided default list can be edited and expanded by the custom activities. You can decide whether the new or edited activity will require association with system area. The option is useful, for example, for in-house vendors to associate their work with the proper job. To add a new work log activity which requires association with system area, perform the following steps:

 Sign in to the Home Portal of XTRF Platform.
 Click the  icon.

In the System Values: Advanced section select the Work Log Activities subsection.


A list of Work Log Activities is displayed. You can add new activity or edit existing one.


Click Add button at the top of the list. In this guide Billing vendors activity is edited.

Editing the Work Log Activity

 Click the Edit button if you are editing an existing activity.





 If you want to associate the activity with System Area, select the Require Associating with System Area checkbox and the Active checkbox.

Click the Save button.

User Management

In User Management section of the Home Portal's configuration you can find the general settings of the Work Log functionality.

Work Log

In the section you can configure the following settings:

  • General Settings

    In the General Settings tab you can set up the following options:

    • Time Tracking Enabled: The option allows for automatic tracking of time spent on a selected activity.
    • Business Hours per Day: A number of hours during which your company operates. If the user logs fewer hours for a day than specified in the field, the exclamation mark will appear next to that day in the timesheet.
    • Time Required to Determine that User is Offline (in minutes): Time of inactivity after which the user is automatically signed out.
    • Automatically Add and Refresh Payables for Vendors Linked with Users: Payables for proper jobs are created automatically, if the in-house vendors log time spent on the job in the Home Portal.
    • Default Calculation Unit for Automatically Added Payables: The option allows you to select the default calculation unit for the payables automatically created for the in-house vendors.

  • User Group Settings

    You can specify which activities are available for which user groups, and also for which groups work should be logged. If you want to set more activities available to log, for example for Project Manager, because Project Manager should have Planning activity available, you can select proper activities. After that, Project Manager can log hours for the selected activities. For easy edition you can also click check all to set all activities. 
  • Entries

    The Entries regard to logged activities. Work Log Entries consist of activities performed by the users of the Home Portal and their interval and description. If the activity is logged by the user who happens to be an in-house vendor, the time spent is automatically calculated in the payable in the job related to the logged activity.

    The Entries tab might be very useful to the manager at your company to prepare reports.


To configure these options, perform the following steps.


Sign in to the Home Portal of XTRF Platform.


Click the  icon.


In the User Management section click the Work Log subsection.


Click the General Settings tab.


Click the Edit button to enter the edit mode to make changes.


Confirm your changes by clicking the Save button.

Configuring the General Settings

After providing changes, you need to sign out and in again in order for the changes to take effect.


Click the User Groups Settings tab.


Click the Edit button to enter the edit mode and set the activities for the selected users. You can click the Check all option for selected user to select all activities  or for a given activity to select all users.

 Click the Save button to apply the changes.

Click the Entries tab.


Click the Add button to create a new entry or click the Edit icon to modify one of the existing entries.


Fill in the fields for a new entry or provide changes if you are editing an existing one.

 Click the Save button to add a new entry or apply the changes to the existing one.




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