All Provider Invoices

In the All tab, you can review all the vendor job specifications and invoices stored in the system.

Search Filter
Search Filter All Provider Invoices

The filter is used to limit your search for an invoice.

    • To adjust the width of the filter, click and hold Filter Resize. While holding the icon, move your cursor to the left side of the screen to decrease or to the right side to increase the size of the filter.
    • To open or close the filter, click Filter Collapse.

You can configure the filter and the way the entities are displayed in the View Editor pop-up window.


SearchClick to begin filtering the data.
Clear FilterClick to cancel the past filters.
All Table
All Provider Invoices Table

The table records all of your vendor invoices.

    • To download an invoice, click Download Icon.
    • To edit an invoice, click Edit Icon. When you click on this, you are taken to a new page. For a description of the page, click here: Vendor Invoice Display.
    • To delete an invoice, click Delete Icon. When you click on this, a confirmation window appears. Confirm your decision.

Click to format the data from the All table so that it can be used in another application. When you click on the button, the Export Data pop-up window appears.


RefreshClick to update the entities in the All table.
View Menu

Click to configure what and how information will be displayed in the All table.

When you click , a new window appears.


Actions which you can apply to either one or multiple entities.

This button is recommended to manage and/or modify multiple entities at once.  

Actions All InvoicesThe list of available actions.
Select AllTo select all the invoices in the table.
Deselect AllTo deselect all the selected invoices in the table.
XTRF Macros

Macros enable you to write scripts which operate on the entities that you have selected, allowing you a greater freedom when working on the entities. For example, you could change properties for all of them at once or merge multiple entities into one. 

Move your cursor over the action and select one of the macros from the drop-down list.

To create a macro, go to System > Configuration > Integration > XTRF Macros.

Mark as Fully Paid

To confirm that the invoice was paid in full and to record how the payment was made and the date.

When you select this, a window appears. For a description of the window, click here: Mark as Fully Paid pop-up window.