Target audience: XTRF Platform's users



In this integration, the 'Prepare Packages' action is an essential element of a workflow which is responsible for creating (downloading from Trados Studio) an SDLPPX package for each Vendor, and for processing (uploading to Trados Studio) the SDLRPX packages uploaded by Vendors.


(The SDLRPX package created by the last Vendor is processed by the 'External Project Finalization' action.)


Workflow example: translation only

This example shows how to configure a workflow with only one Job performed by a Vendor (translation):

The translation in XTRF must be mapped to a corresponding Job in the CAT tool. It will then be executed in the CAT tool.

Workflow example: translation & proofreading

To configure more Jobs performed by vendors (e.g. proofreading), just add them before/after translation. The 'Prepare Packages' action must also be added between each pair of Jobs performed by Vendors:

They also must be mapped in order to be executed in the CAT tool.