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In the Home Portal of XTRF Platform the offices of a translation company operate as a separate client accounts, but stay linked to each other in a dependency which reflects their organization structure.  What is more the contact persons from one office might be granted access to the quotes and projects in other linked offices. In other words, your client's contact person requires only one personal Customer Portal account to access all relevant information and files.

The purpose of the following article is to present you how to:

  • The steps without any marking are mandatory to perform because they ensure carrying on a proper function of the Home Portal.
  • The steps marked with the (Optional) label give you information about settings useful for you in terms of fulfilling specific requirements for your projects, but if you skip them it will have no negative effect on the function of the Home Portal.



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Link Your Client Offices

Add a New Subordinate Office

Assign Client Contact Person to Multiple Offices


Tips and Tricks

More related information you may find in the: Adding a New Client Profile to the Database article.