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Smart Connectors display


Smart Connector is a tool made for your client's convenience. Instead of creating multiple separate projects in the Customer Portal of XTRF Platform, your client can upload the files to the monitored folder or attach them to the message sent to an e-mail address defined in the associated Smart Connector. As the files are detected by the Smart Connector, the project is automatically created and e-mail notifications are sent to both the client and the Project Manager. When the project is finished the client can find the output files in the same location defined in the Smart Connector's robot code.


Configuration accordion menu

You can search and find the the Integration  section to gain access to the Smart Connectors in XTRF Platform. 

Search fieldAs soon as you start typing a search query, XTRF Platform returns the list of search results. It is an easy and convenient way of finding the required section in the Configuration accordion menu.
Smart Connectors sectionIn the Configuration accordion menu go to the Integration > Smart Connectors section to get the list of all currently created Smart Connectors displayed.

View drop-down menu 

You can manage how and what information is displayed in the Smart Connectors list.  Use the  View  drop-down menu to select and manage view . With this menu you can select the view you want to work with and also create new custom views.

Currently selected view title stands bold in the drop-down menu.

Smart Views are fully customizable, therefore the example view provided may be different than what you can see on your screen. 




Actions area

Use the buttons displayed to perform actions on the selected entities.

Action panel is an interactive field; it displays only buttons for actions which can be selected by a given user.

You can only perform the operations which you are given access to.

Add Smart Connector buttonClick the button to create a new Smart Connector. The button directs you to the Smart Connector creation page.
Duplicate button

Click the button to copy an existing Smart Connector. You can duplicate only one item at a time.

Keep in mind that multiple Smart Connectors with the same settings might not work correctly.

Delete button

Click button to remove the selected entity from the system. You can delete one item at a time.



Search Filter panel

You can narrow down your search results for a desired entity with the search filter.

The Search Filter panel contains individual fields. The search results are updated in real-time when you perform an operation on one of the fields.

You can configure the Search Filter fields for a given object. 

Smart Views are fully customizable, therefore the example view provided may be different than what you can see on your screen.


Smart Connectors list

You can view and manage Smart Connectors stored in the database. Click the name of the Smart Connector or anywhere in the appropriate row in order to see the details of the Smart Connector.

The example provided concerns the default view. Smart Views are very customizable, therefore the example might be slightly different than what you can see on your screen.

The default view columns enable you to:

  • See the Name of already defined Smart Connectors.

The number of available Smart Connectors is limited. You can have as many active Smart Connectors as it is permitted in your license. To increase the number of available Smart Connectors contact your XTRF Sales representative.